Kobe Bryant Tweets Response To Jim Brown Criticism

Kobe Brant tweeted a response to legendary Cleveland Browns running back Jim Brown. The all-time great football player was on the Arsenio Hall show this week when Arsenio asked him about Kobe Bryant, who returned from injury Sunday night.

Brown responded by saying that Kobe had thrown Shaq “under the bus”. He was referring to the spat that existed between Kobe and Shaq for years. The feud between Shaq and Kobe started when they played together in L.A. for the Lakers. Brown acknowledged Bryant’s athleticism, but questioned his ability to understand “American” culture.

Kobe, 35, grew up in Italy from 1984-1991. He has been criticized throughout his career for being a loner and polarizing. Brown agrees with that assessment. He summarized Kobe’s understanding of American culture for Arsenio and the audience.

“He’s somewhat confused about our culture. Because he was brought up in another country.” Brown kept going. He spoke of an incident involving African American athletes during the 60’s. They called together a summit to discuss Muhammed Ali’s handling of his refusal to participate in Vietnam. Brown then said, “”If I had to invite people to that [black athlete] summit all over. There’d be some athletes I wouldn’t call. He’d be one of them.”

Obviously, everyone was waiting to hear Kobe’s response. Never afraid of a public battle, Kobe tweeted his response on Thursday.

In a week dominated by news about Nelson Mandela and African freedom, it is understandable why Kobe would be offended by Jim Brown’s comments. Watch the whole conversation between Arsenio and Brown.

What do you think? Is Jim Brown right? Or is Kobe Bryant’s tweet a proper response?

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