More Than 30 Years Of Christmas Snapshots With Santa Will Bring Joy To Your World

There are two words that when combined will cause children to quail.

“Picture” and “time.”

They’re innocuous enough on their own.

“Picture” may conjure up thoughts of breathtaking views or the work of art they just scratched out with the ol’ Crayolas. “Time” is a dimension of reality and can be a bit abstract for most youngsters; it’s certainly not something for which they any sense of appreciation (just ask their parents), but “time” has great power when combined with “nap.”

“Picture time,” however, is treated like a death sentence by many kids. There’s crying, kicking and screaming, you know, all the things you love about your child, and the things most likely to make for a photo of epic adorability.

The brothers pictured below, however, show that when you add the words “Santa Claus” to the mix, it’s an entirely different ballgame. “Picture time” becomes a sublime state of being.

Santa makes picture time so awesome that they wanted to keep doing it for three decades, most of which time was after the point of being socially acceptable.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’re certainly share it with your friends and family (results may vary, use only as directed).


A pretty solid start to the Santa snapshots.


Next year, still rocking it solo. Enjoy it while it lasts, kid.


Bam. Double shot. Time flies when you’re having fun.


Remember when you told Mommy and Daddy you wanted a brother? (Also, Santa isn’t looking too thrilled about pulling double duty here).


Let’s play “Guess Who Got Coal Last Year!”


Santa’s lap is already looking a bit crowded…


New and improved Santa with real beard-growing action!


Santa has started shrinking heading into decade number two.


Ah, those awkward teenage years, made ever more awkward by sitting on the lap of a jolly fat man.


New background, same Christmas spirit (these kids are champs, by the way; how many children would have endured this year after year, even into adolescence?).


(Off-topic) Wait, didn’t we see a retainer for brother No. 1 in 1992? Are those braces again?


Younger bro rocking the vintage Terry Bradshaw Pittsburgh Steelers jersey. Well done, young sir.


Both are officially teens at this point; unfazed.


A lesser man (since he is a legal adult) might have been self-conscious about that awkward lean to stay in the frame with a sitting Santa. Not this dude.


That is one solidly-built chair. Did Santa have a hand in such fine craftsmanship?


At least 80 years shared between then, a fact dwarfed by three huge smiles.

2001-02Both brothers are now legally adults and are just as excited for this picture with Santa as ever.


Santa is either plotting something evil or he’s in pain.


That stubble says Santa’s going to have some beard competition soon.


Unexpected twist: little (younger?) brother sporting the facial hair first.


They finally get a bigger chair and Santa’s not looking so jolly. What gives, Claus?

2008The classic reindeer switcheroo!


30-years-old and still smiling strong!

2011All they want for Christmas is a Super Bo… Whoa! Is that a baby? The plot thickens…

2012Sources confirm eldest brother is indeed holding a baby, no doubt another tradition in the works.

2013Brother No. 1’s youngest takes after her uncle with that face. She might be saying “Bah Humbug!” but everyone else is smiling the world a big ol’ “Merry Christmas!”