Jenny McCarthy Is A Mistake For ‘The View’, Says Julie Chen

Jenny McCarthy, who was recently recruited to The View, was criticized by Julie Chen and Sharon Osborne when they appeared on Howard Stern’s radio show on Wednesday.

The fact that The View is in a ratings war with The Talk may well have something to do with the ladies’ comments.

When Stern asked whether it was an error of judgement for ABC to introduce McCarthy to the show following the recent exits of Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Chen said, “yes!”

She said that she felt The View was losing out by employing Jenny McCarthy on the show: “Because what made The View so popular and so good was that it was five different women—from five different walks of life—discussing politics.”

She went on to give her own expert critique of what she thinks is plaguing daytime talk shows:

“What put them on the map and made them good and famous, they don’t do that anymore. No one wants to hear Jenny McCarthy talk about the New York mayoral race or politics. They don’t. That’s not what you put Jenny McCarthy on for,” she said.

But is it really Julie Chen’s place to heap a bunch of criticism onto The View and Jenny McCarthy?

She continued: “And when Joy left and when Elisabeth left and they got Jenny in, I think they were trying to lighten the mood at the table—more gossip, more fun, more laughs…what happened was, in my opinion, The View doesn’t know what it is now.”

Her cutting words were at least veiled with somewhat of a silver lining as she did tell the interviewer that she thought Jenny McCarthy was “beautiful and talented,” also adding that she thinks McCarthy could be good for talk shows, just ones that don’t discuss politics.

What is your opinion of Julie Chen and Sharon Osbourne’s critique of Jenny McCarthy joining The View? Do you think it is their place to say anything in the first place? Or perhaps you agree with their sentiments. You can share your comments in the feed below.

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