Michelle Jenneke: The Sexiest Athlete Of All Time?

Michelle Jenneke burst onto the athletics scene and made herself into a household name back in 2012 at the IAAF World Junior Championship.

As well as specializing in the 100 meter hurdles, Jenneke also has some pretty snazzy dance moves. You may have seen the video (which is at the bottom of this article – just in case you missed it) showing the young athlete performing a sexy dance just before the race.

The video, which went viral in 2012, shows the athlete shaking her hips, bobbing her ponytail, and strutting her stuff in what appears to be some kind of ritual warm up.

On the other hand, it could just be that Jenneke is a bit of an attention seeker, or perhaps she just wanted to make herself more famous and thought a sexy dance might just do the trick.

Michelle Jenneke is also very active on social media. Her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts are packed with pictures of her, mainly wearing a skimpy bikini in various situations.

You might think: “What’s wrong with posting some pictures of yourself on Instagram?”

Well, there’s nothing wrong with it at all, but in Jenneke’s case she makes sure that most of the images she posts are taken at just the right angle for maximum effect.

Of course, when I say effect, I mean that Jenneke knows just how to take the very sexiest pictures in order to get and keep her followers attention.

The guys at Rantsports.com have very kindly put together a slideshow of Michelle Jenneke‘s hottest picture posts, which you can view by clicking this link.

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