Twitter’s Promoted Tweets Face A Hurdle To The Big Money

There was an interesting post on All Twitter by Lauren Dugan regarding the fact that Twitter has back tracked on its previous ban of alcohol and is now accepting Promoted Tweet advertising from alcohol companies.

In the post they talk about the recent campaign by Jack Daniels that apparently offered the company a higher engagement rate but it also brought a problem with this kind of advertising to light.

The reason that Twitter has changed their mind about this kind of adult advertising is that since they first banned this kind of advertising their user age demographics have changed with over 70% of Twitter users being over 21.

The problem is that just as the age demographic has changed so has where those user live as part of Twitter’s popularity and growth has been of an international nature.

However, problems did arise with the campaign. In particular, Twitter’s international demographics proved to be a downfall for this brand which is not available in every country. A significant portion of the conversation happening around its Promoted Trends was spent discussing what Jack Daniels actually was, with some people assuming it was a honey product rather than a whiskey.

via All Twitter

This international growth of Twitter is going to make it even harder for the company to be able to build a viable advertising revenue but as Lauren points out in the All Twitter post this maybe fixable as Twitter opens up its geo-targeted ad to more advertisers.

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