Selena Gomez Is ‘The Real Deal’ In ‘Rudderless,’ Says William H. Macy

Why did William H. Macy decide to cast Selena Gomez in his directorial debut Rudderless? The answer is quite simple: The singer is “the real deal.”

The upcoming drama tells the story about a father who decides to form a rock band after discovering music written by his deceased son. To bring this tale to the big screen, Macy enlisted the help of Selena Gomez, Billy Crudup, Anton Yelchin, and wife Felicity Huffman.

Macy recently sat down with the folks at the Wall Street Journal to discuss his directorial debut. When it came to casting Selena Gomez in the flick, the award-winning Fargo star said he had no trouble giving her the role because “the kid can act.”

The actor said about the singer:

“She’s the real deal. I was very impressed. She’s a very talented young woman. Selena’s in three scenes so she’s in and out very quickly. She showed up at Charlton’s [Pettus – the engineer and music co-writer] studio to record her song, and I said what do you think of it? She said, ‘I haven’t heard it yet.’ I said, we didn’t sing you the song? And we didn’t. That woman listened to the song three times and then sang it beautifully.”

Although Gomez cut her teeth in the acting business on the Disney show The Wizards of Waverly Place, she’s slowly but surely working her way into more serious and mature efforts. The singer made the jump to R-rated territory earlier this year with writer-director Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers.

Selena Gomez told the Saratogian News that she wasn’t really nervous to dive head-first into Korine’s neon-soaked world of crime and debauchery. In fact, the singer seemed ready and willing to try her hand at something a bit darker than her previous efforts.

“I was more excited and enticed. When I auditioned for Harmony, we talked about how he wanted to leave my lifestyle behind and have me go on this adventure with him. I knew it was going to be crazy, but I was comfortable with it,” she told the publication.

After following up this role with the cinematic misfire Getaway, Gomez is on the right track once again. Deadline reports that William H. Macy’s directorial debut was recently selected to close out the 2014 Sundance Film Festival. Expect the flick to hit theaters across the country at some point next year. An exact date isn’t available just yet.

Are you looking forward to catching Selena Gomez in Macy’s musical drama Rudderless?

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