Handicapped CM Punk Looks To Show The Shield Some Clobberin’ TLC

It’s been more than a year since The Shield made their WWE debut, with the hounds of justice helping CM Punk retain his WWE Title at Survivor Series last November.

In the early going, the trio helped CM Punk out quite a bit, again interfering against Ryback at January’s Tables Ladders & Chairs match on RAW. This Sunday at TLC, the tables will be turned with all three members of The Shield turning their attention to CM Punk in a 3-on-1 handicap match.

Do CM Punk’s chances for survival at the TLC pay-per-view depend on his ability to fight this three-headed monster head-on? Perhaps a divide-and-conquer approach might offer CM Punk a different approach because when they’re on top of their game, The Shield represent one of the most destructive and cohesive tag-team forces in the history of the business. That’s when they’re on the same page, of course.

Heading into their match with CM Punk this Sunday, The Shield haven’t been the most cohesive of units. Remember when Dean Ambrose made mention of being the only member who was still a champion? Roman Reigns had quite a look to offer the de facto leader.

It’s one of many exasperated glances he’s gotten from Reigns and Seth Rollins lately, the most recent of which was the microphone thunder-stealing that went on during their presentation of the 2013 Slammy for Double Cross of the Year. Maybe Ambrose is getting a bit too big for his britches because while The Shield have always been about the unit, he’s doing a lot to make it all about himself. If CM Punk can find a way to exploit that dynamic at TLC, fans might see one of the hounds get a little dose of justice himself.

With rumors of his retirement swirling around backstage, pay-per-view could be offer fans one of CM Punk’s last great matches. While CM Punk fans never want to see that happen, he’s been performing while injured lately and his contract is up in 2013. And, of course, there’s always the cryptic manner in which CM Punk likes to operate.

How do you like CM Punk’s chances this Sunday at TLC? Can CM Punk pull off what has to be considered an upset victory over Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns?

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