Xbox One Sales Break Two Million: Could Microsoft Catch Up With Sony?

Xbox One sales have hit two million plus, which means that the Xbox One vs PS4 sales battle may not be over after all. While it took Sony 15 days to sell the same number, Microsoft isn’t trailing that far behind after 18 days. This might not look so impressive for Microsoft unless you recall the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launch dates.

The PlayStation 4 was released on November 15, while the Xbox One was released November 22. Sony has had an extra week to compete, and Microsoft appears to be on its way to a possible lead in this console war. As Vin Diesel’s character Dominic Toretto said in The Fast and the Furious, “It doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile. Winning’s winning.” It seems like Xbox One could beat the PlayStation 4 to the finish line for a slight win by the end of 2013.

One possible reason behind the Xbox One reportedly selling faster than the Xbox 360 did is the possibility that Microsoft fixed the “red ring of death.” Skeptics might say it was eliminated because the Xbox One no longer has a ring of lights indicating which controller ports are being used or that the console is fatally overheating. In fact, the problem may very well be reversed this time around with the PS4’s “blue light of death.”

The console design flaw didn’t stop the Xbox 360 from outselling the PlayStation 3 though, and neither did the selection of launch games available. For technical reasons alone, consumers may be ignoring the higher Xbox One price tag.

The Xbox One sales could also be attributed to the number of games available when the console hit, already outnumbering Sony’s selection right out of the gate. It could be a while before Sony receives more of a selection of must-own titles for the PlayStation 4, mirroring the release of the PS3. With Sound Shapes being The Inquisitr‘s PlayStation 4 Game of the Year, it’s obvious that the bigger titles just aren’t that good yet.

As evidenced by Microsoft’s message to Sony at their console launch, congratulating them, it looks like Microsoft isn’t really taking the competition that seriously. A statement released by Xbox Corporate VP of Strategy and Marketing Yusuf Mehdi didn’t even mention Sony after the Xbox One sales passed the two million mark:

“We continue to be humbled and overwhelmed by the positive response from our fans. We are thrilled to see sales of Xbox One on a record-setting pace, with over 2 million Xbox One consoles in homes around the world. Demand is exceeding supply in our 13 launch markets and Xbox One is sold out at most retailers. We’re also particularly excited to see consumers engaging in a wide range of games and entertainment experiences on the platform, with more than 1 million paid transactions on Xbox Live to date, 39 million Xbox One achievements unlocked and 595 million total Gamerscore achieved.”

Could the PlayStation 4 be seeing taillights as the Xbox One sales continue to catch up?

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