Channing Tatum And Bradley Cooper Lose To 2-Year-Old Basketball Prodigy

His name is not as recognizable as Channing Tatum’s or Bradley Cooper’s…not yet, at least, but 2-year-old Titus Ashby made good work of the big stars in a recent face-off.

The toddler took the internet by storm and his video that has almost 10 million views went viral. It shows the little guy taking shots at the basket, from every angle imaginable, and making every single one.

Titus can beat just about anyone, and it doesn’t matter if their names are Channing Tatum or Bradley Cooper.

Neither one had a chance when they faced the pint size prodigy in the Spanish show called El Hormiguero.

Channing Tatum lost to Titus, 14-5 and Bradley Cooper didn’t fare much better at 14-8 against the little guy.

It is truly amazing to watch a 2-year-old do what this kid does with a basketball and backstage both stars were scratching their heads after the humiliating loss.

Channing Tatum told his new nemesis how disappointed he was at not getting a break:

“Alright man, we’ve got to talk about something. I thought you said you were going to let me win. You crushed me in the basketball thing.”

While Bradley Cooper thought he wasn’t doing too bad, he didn’t really stand a chance against Titus. He had this to say about his poor showing:

“I think I played pretty good. I mean, I didn’t have the eye of the tiger like you. I think if I train a little bit more — you know, eat right, get some sleep, have that focus and drive you have right now. You’re an intimidating guy.”

What do you think of Titus Ashby taking on and beating big movie stars Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper?

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