Michael Jackson Doctor’s First Appeal Is Only Weeks Away

Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson’s doctor who was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter for his role in Jackson’s death, begins his appeals of the conviction in early 2014 in Los Angeles, reports say.

The Associated Press reported yesterday that the 2nd District Court of Appeals in L.A. is set to hear arguments for the case of Michael Jackson’s former physician as soon as Thursday, January 9, 2014.

Murray was released from prison in October after serving less than two years of his original four-year sentence following his conviction in Michael Jackson’s death. His lawyer described it otherwise.

“My client received the maximum term possible,” said lawyer Valerie Wass, who represented Murray at trial. “This is a man that had no prior record. He had 20 years of exemplary service as a physician… They didn’t let him out a minute early.”

As previously reported, Murray is suing the state of Texas, saying he was prematurely stripped of his license following Michael Jackson’s death and that he is entitled to due process and appeals of the state medical board’s findings. Murray has indicated that he intends to continue practicing medicine.

In other news surrounding Michael Jackson’s death, his mother, Katherine Jackson, along with the rest of the Jackson family, plans to seek a new trial in their civil suit against concert promoter AEG Live. The original suit found that AEG was not liable in Michael Jackson’s death, despite hiring Murray, who administered a fatal dose of Propofol to Michael, because he was not found unfit to perform the duties for which he was hired. The original suit sought $40 billion in damages on behalf of Katharine Jackson and Michael’s three children, Prince, Paris and Blanket.

Reuters reports the new suit, filed Monday, December 12, in Los Angeles County Superior Court, cites misconduct of the jury, insufficient evidence and new evidence.

Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009, at the age of 50. Actress Farrah Fawcett died the same day after a years-long battle with cancer.

What do you think about the latest news surrounding Michael Jackson? Should Conrad Murray be allowed to practice medicine? Should AEG have been liable in Michael Jackson’s death?

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