Xbox One Vs PS4: Microsoft Mod Allows Xbox 360 Controllers, Other Peripherals On Xbox One

The Xbox One vs PS4 console war isn’t over for the fanboys, and now Microsoft modders have come up with a way to even out the playing field. You can now use other USB peripherals to play Xbox One games (even PC peripherals) with the CronusMax mod.

The Steam Box might be in trouble if this new device is able to let gamers play any Xbox One game with any controller they want. This news could easily boost Xbox One sales if Microsoft doesn’t take action against the mod.

It was stated early on in the PS4 vs Xbox One console wars “If you’re backwards compatible, you’re really backwards.” Apparently Xbox executive Don Mattrick was very wrong. The Team Xecutor mod collective has gone out of their way to make it possible to use any controller you want on the Xbox One.

Gamers who don’t want to replace their current controllers, or want to play Call of Duty: Ghosts like a PC game, have expressed their excitement.

It was earlier discovered that you could play PlayStation 4 through the Xbox One as well. Could this be the beginning of Microsoft’s console turning into a true central hub for media, including competing consoles?

The mod created for the Xbox One will allow its games to be controlled with a number of devices. The DualShock 4, the Xbox 360 controller, and even the classic keyboard and mouse work with it. It is unknown yet if the Steam controller will work as well, but this new controller mod for Xbox One is a game changer which could affect PS4 sales in the end.

Keep it in mind that using the CronusMax mod will void the warranty on your Xbox One, and Microsoft could easily release a patch that would render it unusable. That could be another factor that makes Xbox One continue to take second place in the Xbox One vs PS4 console wars.

In the meantime, the CronusMax mod could definitely lead Microsoft out of its current place of general ridicule.

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