Kanye West’s Latest Lunacy: He Risks His Life – ‘Like Being A Police Officer’

Human faux pas machine Kanye West has put his foot in his mouth once again.

Seriously, West is spitting gaffe’s like a 2011 Charlie Sheen spitting memes. With his latest Kanye reaches Tom Cruise levels of delusion, saying he risks his life doing his job and it’s “like being a police officer…or like war or something.”

Somebody call Mark Wahlberg, he needs to set Kanye West straight.

TMZ broke Kanye West’s latest display of gauche behavior around noon on Monday. Sure, Kanye’s Nelson Mandela interview turned out to be fake, but then he goes and says something this ridiculous on the same day he’s refuting it on Twitter. The thing it, the TMZ story has West on camera saying he’s “giving up his body onstage” and “putting my life at risk,” exactly the type of Kanye West things that makes people believe him capable of really saying the Mandela comments.

Kanye compares being on the set of a music video to serving in law enforcement or the military and then goes on to detail the perilous pitfalls of the press and the risk of “people not liking you.”

Earth to Kanye West: comparing yourself to a police officer or a soldier is why the press pounds you and why people don’t like you.

“Fighting for creativity and fighting for ideas and fighting for thought” is not the same as fighting for your country.

Kanye West freaks out about being parodied on Jimmy Kimmel and engages in a war of words with the late night host.

Kanye West uses a divisive symbol like the Confederate flag on his merchandise and then says he’s treated like a slave.

Kanye West on SNL probably pissed him off too.

Here’s the thing, Kanye. You get satirized so often because you make yourself an easy target. With all of your big money deals in the works, the best thing you could develop would be a crippling fear of microphones.

What do you think of the latest gaffe from Kanye West? Does Kanye put his life on the line in his career? How long do you think West can survive his dangerous profession?

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