Portal 2 getting free downloadable content this summer

If anybody seriously doubted Valve is the most awesome game developer out there, the studio just announced a new batch of downloadable content for Portal 2 that will be totally free across all platforms.

This summer, extra content referred to as ‘DLC #1’ will bring Portal 2 fans extra test chambers, a challenge mode for single-player and multiplayer, leaderboards, and “more.” And again, this is totally free to all, whether you’re a Mac, PC, PlayStation 3, or Xbox 360 player. Free DLC is unusual on the Xbox 360, where Microsoft will often insist the developer charges for extra content. Someone at Valve has plainly pulled some strings.

If you’re yet to experience Portal 2 for yourself, then I’m not sure why you’re still here, reading this. If you’re a fan of clever, original, charming, deep, laugh out loud funny games, you need a copy yesterday. And, should you really need more convincing:

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[Via press release]

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