Dyson DC50 Animal Review

Cleaning is not an enjoyable task for the majority of the population, and although I generally fall into the majority when it comes to cleaning, Dyson’s DC50 vacuum cleaner actually made me hate the task a little bit less.

Dyson is known for its expensive and high-end vacuum cleaners, and the DC50 is one of its latest cleaners to come onto the market. As is the case with its other vacuums, the DC50 uses Dyson’s Ball technology to make turning corners and navigating a room easier. Although the Ball technology is something that sets all Dyson vacuum cleaners apart from the competition, there are a few features present in the DC50 which bring the cleaner to another level.

Compared to some of its other models, Dyson wanted the DC50 to have the same level of power as its other vacuum cleaners but in a slim and light form factor. Right off the bat, it is easy to tell that Dyson was successful in its mission to come out with a slim vacuum cleaner as the DC50 is one of the easiest to maneuver that I have ever used.

Though it may be lighter (11.6 lbs) and thinner, the level of performance seen with the DC50 is what we have come to expect from all of Dyson’s vacuum cleaners. The DC50 is capable of picking up so much stuff that no matter how much I clean a room, there is always something else that Dyson’s cleaner is capable of picking up whereas continuously using a cheaper vacuum cleaner would not result in anything being picked up (this probably means that my house is a bit too dirty.)

With a total of 19 cyclones working in two tiers (instead of the usual one), there is simply more sucking power provided by the DC50. According to Dyson, this level of power allows the vacuum cleaner to pick up particles as small as 0.5 microns.

As great as the DC50 may be, there are some shortcomings particularly in the form of its hose attachment. Depending on how you look at it, the size of the hose is either too long or too short. When trying to clean a set of stairs, the hose is simply too long to make things easy and yet if you are trying to clean a ceiling, the hose is sometimes too short. This results in the hose being awkward to use no matter what you are trying to clean.

At the same time, some of the cleaner’s attachments are amazing, particularly the tangle-free turbine attachment which picks up animal hair more effectively than any other vacuum cleaner

Whenever you buy a powerful vacuum cleaner, you generally cannot expect it to be light, thin, and not too loud, and yet the Dyson DC50 provides all of those features while still cleaning a room better than its competition.

For many people, the $440 price tag is a bit too much for a vacuum cleaner, but if you own a larger house and plan on keeping it as clean as possible, it is hard to beat the DC50.

Rating: 9.5/10

Price: $437.88 (Amazon), $499.99 (Dyson)

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