OMG, they found a way to keep coffee hot for hours

If you’ve ever been an assistant to someone as a job, a large part of your day was probably consumed by ensuring hot coffee was available to your superiors at all conceivable moments.

As coffee tends to transition from “molten lava” to “tepid dingy bathwater” in roughly 17.5 seconds (about the amount of time it takes a pear to go from “inedibly unripe” to “soggy pile of mold-infused mush”), the invention of a low-tech device to keep the popular beverage hot is a massive technological breakthrough.

They’re called “Coffee Joulies,” which sounds vaguely testicular, but they promise to not only keep coffee hot for hours- the Joulies also cool coffee to a drinkable temperature three times faster than coffee becomes drinkable without magic beans. Then they go to work releasing heat:

This amazing feat of thermodynamics happens thanks to a special non-toxic material sealed within the polished stainless steel shell. This material is designed to melt at 140 degrees Fahrenheit, and absorbs a lot of energy as it melts. This is how Joulies cool your coffee down three times faster than normal. Once it reaches this temperature, the special material begins to solidify again, releasing the energy it stored when it melted. This is how Joulies keep your coffee warm twice as long.

Would your coffee benefit from dipping these nuts into it?

[Kickstarter via Consumerist]

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