Dell Venue 8 Pro Available For $99 On Monday

Microsoft is slashing down the price of some of its products for this year’s 12 Days of Deals promotion. One of the most impressive deals which will appear in Microsoft Stores is the Dell Venue 8 Pro, which will be available on Monday for just $99.

The Dell Venue 8 Pro will be sold at the discounted price to an additional 100 people online as well as in all 77 Microsoft brick and mortar locations around the United States. By offering the Windows 8 tablet for $99, Microsoft is effectively extending its Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals into the middle of December, which may allow it to increase sales of its Windows tablets for the holidays.

Of course, the deal is so significant that Microsoft is only going to be selling 20 of the tablets in each of if its physical stores which means that only around 1,600 of the tablets will be made available for $99.

Once the price bounces back to its usual retail value, the Dell Venue 8 Pro will cost $299, showing how good the $99 deal is. While Microsoft is obviously trying to increase sales of the device, only making a handful of them available will not boost sales numbers in any significant way.

The Venue 8 Pro is one of the cheapest Windows tablets to include the full version of Windows 8.1 instead of the RT version, which many people have become frustrated with due to its limitations. From a technical standpoint, the tablet is competitive for the price with a 1260×800 resolution display, 32GB of storage, and Microsoft Office.

Unfortunately, Windows 8.1 takes up quite a bit of space, resulting in just 11GB of free space being available out of the 32GB that the tablet ships with. There are relatively cheap ways to increase the amount of storage, however, so you will still be able to deck out the tablet for less than $200 if you are able to take advantage of the $99 deal.

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