Jamie Lynn Spears Debuts Country Song, Says There’s No Rivalry With Britney

Jamie Lynn Spears has a country song on the Billboard charts just as her sister Britney is releasing an album set to hit the Billboard 200, but the younger Spears sister said there’s no rivalry between the siblings.

Britney has a new album called Britney Jean that will launch on the Billboard 200 next week, but this week belongs to her sister Jamie Lynn Spears. The younger Spears sister is making her Billboard debut with the song “How Could I Want More” that hit the Hot Country Songs list at No. 29 and reached No. 8 on the list of Country Digital Songs.

“I can’t believe that my song has reached Billboard,” said Jamie Lynn Spears, who had made her mark in acting in the past, starring in Nickelodeon’s Zoey 101. “It’s a dream come true.”

Jamie said growing up country music was a big part of her life and her relationship with her father, even though most people assumed she would follow her sister’s path into pop music.

Jamie said she has a hands-on approach planned to promote the song.

“I just want to get out there and do my part as an artist. I hope to go to every country radio station that I can and personally shake hands and give a reason to believe in me,” Spears said. “I also want to meet as many fans as I can and play as many shows as I can for them.”

But even though she and Britney could be competing for air time, Jamie Lynn Spears said there isn’t even a hint of rivalry with her older sister.

“Me and Brit, I’m sure no one believes me when I say, there is no rivalry! You have to remember that we are 10 years apart, so I always saw her as a second mom,” Jamie Lynn said. “We have fun like only sisters can, but we don’t have that young sibling rivalry.”

Not only is there no rivalry, but the sisters have actually collaborated on a song. Jamie Lynn Spears has a duet with her sister on the song Chillin’ With You from Britney’s upcoming album.

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