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Welcome to the live blog of the Royal Wedding of H.R.H Prince William and Kate Middleton. We’ll be doing this in chronological order, so older updates get pushed down with latest at the top. Updates will be in local (London time +1 GMT). Take -5 for US East, -8 for US West, and +9 for Australia East Coast. If you have anything you want us to add/ cover, tweet to @theinquisitr, we’ll be watching for your messages ?

And don’t forget: you can watch the Royal Wedding live online.

Royal Wedding live blog starts now.

12:27: we’re going to finish our coverage now. The couple and the royals are heading to the after party. We’ll update with new posts during the next 24 hours as news comes to hand. Thx for tuning into our live blogging coverage of the Royal Wedding.

12:09: the new Royal Couple, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, enter the Royal Carriage

12:05: the recessional begins (the part where they walk out).

11:55 ceremony is finishing up with some more singing. We’re close to the end now. Will update if anything exciting happens.

11:47: and now they’re signing Jerusalem. Got to give credit for the choice: a glorious song for a glorious wedding.

11:36 some hymns and now a message from the Archbishop of Canterbury. Bit lecturing, but so goes it.

11:27 now the Dean of Westminster has commissioned a song that is being sung. It ain’t great ?

11:24: brother of the bride is now reading an appeal to the audience about god and sacrifice.

11:19: rings

11:18: And now the Royal couple is married.

11:16: I DO!!!!!

11:13: the good news, no one objected to the wedding as requested etc ?

11:12: The Anglican nuptials begin. Lots of stuff about god, which is ironic given the Anglican Church is mostly a social club ?

11:10 And so the ceremony is about to begin

11:05 the bride walks the isle

11:04: the music starts. A hymn

11:02: here comes the bride

11am: the bride arrives

10:56: the bride looks amazing as she drives to Westminster Abbey

10:54: reminder you can watch the royal wedding live online.

10:51: Kate is in the car. She is wearing a sweet heart neckline with a full length lace sleeve and overlay

10:49: HRH Queen Elizabeth 2 arrives

10:45: and here comes her Majesty the Queen and Prince Phillip

10:39: and here comes Charles and Camilla, the father and step mother

10:37: the first of the Royals arrive. Fergies kids, and some other people including Prince Michael of Kent

10:31: the brides mother and brother arrive at the Abbey

10:25: Kate Middleton is getting ready

10:21 at the Abbey entrance

10:19 William enters Westminster Abbey.

10:13: and here comes H.R.H Prince William dressed in the uniform of the Irish guard, driven in a maroon Bently.

10:12: the precision is about to start. Helicopters overhead. So close now.

10:05: getting close now: the UK PM and partner have rocked up

9:47: Sir Elton John and partner arrive to big cheers

9:39: a large procession of cars are now turning up. Possibly the heads of state of Commonwealth countries.

9:35: and here comes the celebs. Boris Johnson, Mayor of London and full blown character ?

9:22: more marching. Crowds seem to like it though ?

9:10: the first royal guard starts marching. Now we’re getting serious ?

8:59: the bulk of the non important guests are now in the Abbey. The precession hasn’t started yet. Hopefully this gets more exciting soon ?

8:34: more discussion about security on CNN. Footage now shows the very first ppl entering Westminster Abbey.

8:27: the first guests are starting to arrive at Westminister Abbey. Crowds are huge and there’s a very big police presence.

8:04am: The Queen has announced that the couple will be awarded the title of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

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