Beats Headphones To Launch Digital Music Service This January

Beats Headphones will venture into the realm of digital music early next year.

Since the world simply cannot have enough streaming music, the folks behind Beats by Dre are launching their very own digital music platform. If all goes according to the company’s master plan, then people can begin using the service in January of next year.

However, the New York Times points out that there are very few details about Beats Music available to the public as of this writing. However, it’s believed that the service will compete with the likes of Spotify for dominance in the increasingly crowded marketplace. The people behind Beats Headphones are reportedly planning a full-blown media blitz in the coming weeks.

Like other streaming services currently available to music aficionados around the planet, Beats Music will give users access to millions of songs for a flat monthly rate. In other words, the company is hoping to battle with the likes of Spotify, Rdio, and Rhapsody for slice of your disposable income.

News of the platform’s impending launch arrived courtesy of Beats Music CEO Ian Rogers’ official blog. Although Rogers originally hoped to get the service off the ground before the end of the year, the digital music service should become available to everyone this January.

Rogers wrote:

“If you’ve spent any time around me in the past six months you’ve surely seen me buried in my phone making playlists, poking, prodding, and testing our forthcoming service, Beats Music. Sincere thanks to those who have been testing the private Alpha-turned-Beta along with me. We’re nearly ready for liftoff. Thanks to your diligent testing and feedback we are locked and loaded, ready to launch here in the US in January, 2014.”

The Beats Music CEO also offered up the following facts:

“Beats Music is real. We’re in an internal, private beta with people who know and love music (including a few of my personal heroes). We’re providing a few artists and other influencers access to familiarize them with the service and get their early feedback. We’re making improvements based on that feedback. We can’t wait to share it with the world, and are set to launch in the US in January.”

If you’re interested in securing your username for Beats Headphones’ digital music service, then Rogers encourages you to take a trip to the official website and claim your moniker right now. When the platform finally goes live, you’ll have your name ready to roll.

Are you planning to sign up for the Beats Headphones streaming music service?

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