Kim Kardashian Sparks Controversy Over Charity Auction Donations

Kim Kardashian is making headlines for all the wrong reasons yet again.

Instead of criticizing her weight, her relationship with Kanye West, or anything involving her famous family, folks are taking issue with the amount of money she donated from a recent charity auction. Instead of giving away a significant portion of the proceeds to people in need, Kardashian reportedly kept 90 percent of the money earned.

According to Fox News, Kim recently took part in the eBay Giving Works auction. A “percentage of the proceeds” were reportedly earmarked for the victims of the recent typhoon in the Philippines. Instead of giving a lot of the money away, Kardashian decided to keep 90 percent of the generated cash.

That means the victims only received around 10 percent of the proceeds, a fact that hasn’t settled well with those who helped out with the auction. A lot of people feel completely misled by Kim Kardashian and the description she wrote for eBay Giving Works.

“The proceeds will go directly to the communities they’re serving in the Philippines and will help typhoon survivors get access to medical care and ultimately save lives. My prayers and thoughts are with those affected by the typhoon,” the reality television star explained.

The Highlight Press reports that the backlash against Kim Kardashian was almost immediate. Since so many people decided to cough up some of their hard-earned money for the auction, they’re not exactly thrilled with the fact that Kanye West’s main squeeze walked away with a lot of the cash.

“You even know the meaning of the word Charity. Your so called prayers and thoughts for the people of the Philippines are as hollow, greedy, and empty as can be possible. You are nothing more than a greedy little un-talented wanna-be. How dare you use these people’s misery to make money!” one angry individual wrote.

“You leading on that it’s for a good cause to pursue people to buy is degrading. I hope you get to keep your money, you probably need it more than they do,” another person remarked.

You can find some Twitter reactions to the latest Kim Kardashian news below.

Kardashian even weighed discussed the controversy on Twitter.

What do you think about Kim Kardashian keeping 90 percent of her auction proceeds?

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