‘The Walking Dead’ Star Andrew Lincoln Teases More Season 4 Surprises

The Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln recently warned fans that the worst is yet to come.

Those of you who haven’t caught up on the current season of AMC’s hit zombie series should proceed with extreme caution. There are definitely some spoilers ahead that could ruin the mid-season finale’s big surprises. In other words, don’t read any further unless you already know what happened in Sunday’s episode.

As many of you well know, Andrew Lincoln portrays Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead. Although the finale definitely had its fair share of shocking surprises, Lincoln recently told the folks over at Yahoo! that fans haven’t seen anything just yet.

“I will stress this as well. You haven’t even seen the half of it yet. The back eight is more radical than ever before. It’s almost a tale of two seasons. It really is that radical, the difference between the first eight and the back eight,” Lincoln told the website.

He continued, “And really, trust me, I think that three of the strongest episodes we’ve done this season are yet to come. Probably four. There are two episodes that I absolutely adore in the back eight, one of which I think is going to be the most controversial episode that we’ve probably ever been involved in, and that’s saying something.”

Considering everything that went down during “Too Far Gone,” those are definitely big words. Fans are still trying to cope with the loss of Hershel Greene (Scott Wilson) at the hands of the Governor, so many folks may have a hard time stomaching the things to come. You should probably begin steeling your nerves right now.

However, Lincoln believes throwing curve balls at viewers keeps The Walking Dead fresh and unpredictable. The actor also had nothing but positive things to say about showrunner Scott Gimple and all the folks who bring the series to life.

Lincoln explained:

“It’s a very, very smart move by Scott [Gimple] and the writers and AMC to do this. As for me, reading the script, and I hope the audience has the same reaction, I was always behind. It was always ahead of me. I couldn’t second-guess it. I think that that’s a brilliant sign that the writers are still able to do this at this stage in the show.”

The final eight episodes of season four are currently scheduled to begin airing on February 9. Just remember to keep your nails pretty long so you’ll have something substantial to chew on when the brains start hitting the proverbial fan.

Are you a fan of The Walking Dead? What did you think about the mid-season finale?

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