‘Amazing Spider Man 2’ Trailer Released – Watch It Here! [VIDEO]

Fans around the world: the day is here! The trailer for The Amazing Spider Man 2 has been released! It’s amazing! It’s Spider Man! Watch it here in all it’s glory!

The teaser trailer clip for the sequel to The Amazing Spider Man, starring Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, Paul Giamatti and a slew of other big names, begins with Spider Man in free fall, an apt metaphor for the hero struggling with his double identity. Peter Parker does a voice over, lamenting that with each person he helps, he makes a new enemy.

“And it’s just a matter of time before I face those with more power than I can overcome,” Spider Man says.

Cue Paul Giamatti as Aleksei Sytsevich/The Rhino and Jamie Foxx as Max Dillon/Electro.

The new Amazing Spider Man 2 trailer also gives us our first look at Dane DeHaan as the reboot’s version of Harry Osborn, one of Peter Parker’s best friends in the Spider Man comics. Osborn lets Parker know that he’s been under surveillance at Oscorp, run by his father Norman Osborn (played by Chris Cooper).

Why would Oscorp have him under surveillance?

“Isn’t that the question of the day?” the younger Osborn quips.

From the look of the trailer, much of the plot for The Amazing Spider Man 2 will hinge on Richard Parker’s research for Oscorp and its relation to his disappearance. Patriarch Norman Osborn is bed-ridden and we see Harry aboard what will become the Green Goblin’s glider. What will happen to Peter, he asks his father?

“Not everyone has a happy ending.”

So the three-villain theories were true, it appears, as Spider Man is indeed shown duking it out with Osborn, in addition to battling Sytsevich in the robotic Rhino suit, a major but necessary change from the mythology of the Amazing Spider Man comics.

“His greatest battle begins,” reads the tag line at the end of the Amazing Spider Man 2 trailer. The trailer also debuts the official hashtag #TheAmazingSpiderMan and invites devoted fans to check out AmazingSpiderFans.com.

Check out the Amazing Spider Man 2 trailer on the Sony Pictures YouTube page or just watch it below.

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