Ozzy Osbourne Wants Brother-In-Law To ‘Stop Selling False Stories,’ ‘Get A Job And Be A Man’

For years, television audiences took delight in the joyful dysfunction of The Osbournes, a reality show based on the family of iconic rock/metal singer Ozzy Osbourne. The foul-mouthed antics of Ozzy’s little band of miscreants—wife, Sharon, son, Jack and daughter, Kelly—aired for four seasons on MTV, raking in the channel’s highest ratings in history; The Osbournes also took home the 2002 Prime Time Emmy for Outstanding Reality Program.

But there’s nothing cheeky or fun about the dysfunction Ozzy and the rest of the Osbournes are going through with Sharon’s brother, David Arden.

Ozzy, recently turning 65, and Sharon have both sounded off on the situation, with Sharon using mainstream media and Ozzy taking to social media.

“I’m fuming,” Sharon Osbourne told UK’s The Mirror. “We call him Fredo after the weak son in The Godfather who sold the family out – that’s my brother.”

“It seems all he wants is our money. I want absolutely nothing to do with him.”

Meanwhile, the post on the official Ozzy Osbourne Facebook page lays the situation pretty bare.

“David Levy, brother-in-law in name only, leave my family alone,” Ozzy Osbourne said in front of more than 10 million fans (“Levy” is the legal surname of David Arden).

Stop selling false stories on my family. Get a job and be a man. Thank God you can choose your friends but you are stuck with your family even though David Levy has never been and never will be family. When we took him off payroll all he’s done is tried to make money selling false stories. Stop saying you love me, you don’t know what the word is. I wish you no harm but you don’t know my family. Leave us alone.

Arden/Levy is bearing the anger of Ozzy Osbourne and family based on a couple of recent interviews with The Mirror, in which he says things like:

  • “Sometimes I look at pictures of Sharon now and she looks nothing like the sister I knew.”
  • “I am sick and tired of Sharon bad-mouthing our parents. It’s really distressing.”

Arden suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, with which Ozzy’s son, Jack Osbourne, has been diagnosed. Ozzy’s brother-in-law had hoped to help his nephew cope but the Osbournes’ mama bear isn’t having it.

“I feel very bad for him that he has MS but I can’t help him with that. There is nothing I can do for him. As far as him wanting to help Jack with his MS, I think it is an excuse.”

What do you think about Ozzy Osbourne’s family troubles? Would you want to raise the ire of Ozzy Osbourne’s legions of heavy metal fans?

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