Nook now supports Flash, Android 2.2, built-in email

Barnes & Noble have released a massive firmware update to their Nook Color, edging the device closer to tablet status and gaining some distinct edges over Amazon’s Kindle.

It’s a bit interesting that while Amazon seems to be focusing on price-centric updates- last week, the online retail megalith announced the ability to borrow library books and previous released a dead-cheap ad-supported Kindle– Barnes & Noble has kept the price static at $250 while making the device more feature-rich. Today’s update- which will be available for download directly on Nook devices next week- adds an app store, built-in email and support for Android 2.2 (Froyo) and Flash.

Nook Color users can now play Angry Birds, stream music using Pandora and browse recipes on Epicurious with the new app store updates. The company says that at $250, Nook Color is the best value tablet available when compared with devices like Motorola’s Xoom and Apple’s ubiquitous iPad 2. While Nook currently lags behind Amazon with a 25% market share, the new functionality could drastically change that fact.

Does the new update make you more keen on using a Nook over a Kindle, even at the higher price point? Do you think with Flash capabilities and apps, it might grab market share from Apple, too? Have you given the update a spin on your Nook? What do you think?

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