Kanye West Throws A Fit, Storms Off Stage In Florida

Kanye West stormed off stage during a show in Tampa, Florida on Saturday night.

The rapper’s onstage antics are usually just as amusing as the stuff he does when he’s out and about. Unfortunately for the folks who coughed up a considerable amount of money to see the guy do this thing, West threw a fit halfway through his set and stormed off stage.

E! Online explains that Kanye West’s tantrum only last about five minutes. Once all of his complaints about the sound, lights, and LED were thoroughly addressed backstage, the rapper returned as though nothing happened. Apparently this is the sort of behavior he thinks people pay good money to see.

In addition to berating a sound engineer onstage for not giving him a “deep voice,” Kanye West complained about the fact that the LED screens were showing his face in color instead of black-and-white. The rapper also demanded that someone should turn off the lights. Valid complaints, but his approach was a little off.

According to the Daily Mail, Kanye West also decided to drop a few names during his show in Tampa, Florida. After all, it isn’t a West concert if he doesn’t take a moment to complain about someone or declare his genius to thousands of eager fans.

Since West feels he has nothing but haters surrounding him at the moment, the rapper felt the inexplicable urge to compare himself to the likes of Steve Jobs, the Wright Brothers, Thomas Edison, and Nelson Mandela. The guy’s detractors will likely have a field day with these comments.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Kanye West has discussed his genius status with the public. The rapper’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live found the rapper declaring to the world that he’s nothing short of a creative phenomenon. Not surprisingly, the backlash from supporters and detractors alike was almost instantaneous.

Since everyone felt the need to take a few jabs at the guy for his late-night ego trip, West later attempted to calm the waters of criticism by clarifying his statement.

The rapper explained:

“My creative genius is creating around geniuses. Using creative geniuses to express, getting out of their way. If someone is more talented than me at stage design, at art direction, at playing the guitar, at production, at rapping, at anything that it is, I will step out of their way. I’ll ask as many questions as possible. I’ll send Drake 10 tracks, and ask him to write every one of those choruses.”

Are you surprised that Kanye West stormed off stage for a few minutes in Florida?

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