iPhone 4 White Edition Shipping To U.S. Retailers

The white iPhone 4 is finally on it’s way to U.S. Retailers, at least that’s what sources were saying on Sunday afternoon. According to those insiders the units are being sent to U.S. locations with strict instructions to keep them out of sight until Apple gives retailers the go-ahead to begin selling the devices. The white version is rumored for both AT&T and Verizon Wireless retailers.

According to Electronista:

Many tips have put the in-store date no later than April 27 worldwide. Both 16GB and 32GB models should get the treatment and aren’t believed to be carrying price premiums over the black originals.

Both the white and black versions of the iPhone 4 were revealed when the phone was first announced, however Apple has failed to give any explanation as to why both color options were not released at the same time. Unofficially poor coloring on the white versions and rumors of prolonged heat exposure damage have been named for the delay in color options.

With a new iPhone 5 device expected in September the white version release couldn’t arrive quick enough.

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