Lady Gaga Visits Life-Size ‘Gagadoll’ In Japan [Photos]

Lady Gaga recently paid a visit to her life-size Gagadoll in Japan.

A Tokyo-based manufacturer unveiled the slightly creepy creation just a few days ago. To properly celebrate the unveiling of the so-called Gagadoll, the singer decided to take a trip across the pond to have a look. Unfortunately for hardcore Lady Gaga enthusiasts, the dolls aren’t available for purchase at the moment. Sorry if that ruins the holiday season.

According to Rolling Stone, fans who press their ears against the Gagadoll’s realistic chest can listen to messages and music by Lady Gaga herself. In short: It’s kind of creepy inside and out.

Orient Industry, a company that spends a fair amount of time and energy crafting “synthetic love dolls,” are responsible for bringing the Gagadoll to life. True to form, the Lady Gaga replica comes complete with unique outfits and accessories.

“They look so much like me. I respect your art… and the detail you put into the dolls,” the “Applause” singer explained to the folks who crafted the Gagadolls.

Lady Gaga told The Japan Times that she was extremely honored that Orient Industry would put so much effort into creating the life-size synthetic dolls in question. Of course, she might feel a little different about the questionable individuals who would actually shell out loads of money to have something like that in their bedrooms. Then again, maybe not.

“[My friends] were so excited to take pictures of me with the dolls and then all of a sudden the dolls took over. And the dolls were the most important thing in the room. And this is a beautiful thing,” Lady Gaga explained.

People reports that the Gagadolls are a joint venture between Orient Industry, Japanese industrial, and the singer’s record label. Lady Gaga’s latest musical endeavor Artpop is presently at the top of the charts in Japan.

When can fans of Mother Monster expect to pick up a life-size synthetic replica of their very own? It’s currently unknown when the Gagadolls will arrive at retail. However, it’s believed that all proceeds will go to help benefit victims of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

Check out some photos of the Lady Gaga doll below. Can you tell which one is real?

Are you a fan of Lady Gaga? Would you spend a large wad of cash to purchase one of these incredibly life-like Gagadolls?

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