Lindsay Lohan is “Angry” About Jail Sentence

Lindsay Lohan is angry about her recent incarceration. On Friday judge Stephanie Sautner sentenced Lohan to 120 days in prison with 480 hours of community service, stating that her recent jewelry theft was in violation of Lohan’s probation for Driving Under the Influence.

PEOPLE spoke with producer and Lohan friend Nathan Folks who said she is “fine” but “Obviously, she is upset about [being sentenced to four months in jail].”

Lohan was allowed to post bail as her legal team mounts an appeal which experts say is likely to fail, leading Folks to mention:

“She is angry because she has been working so hard on turning her life around,” while stating, “She didn’t do what they said she did. She didn’t steal that necklace.”

Lohan’s trial will begin June 3rd and according to Folks she’ll take whatever sentence is given. Folks did mention that instead of 480 hours of community service, which includes more than 100 that will be spent working in the L.A. County Morgue she would like to attend A.A. or N.A. meetings for those hours.

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