Cyber Monday Deals Ads In 2013 Focused On Clothing, Tools Despite The Name

Cyber Monday deals in ads for 2013 are focusing on clothing, which is kind of odd considering the name of the shopping day. In fact, there are 85 percent more deals for laptops and computer hardware on Black Friday.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, there have been fake Cyber Monday ads spotted out in the wilds of the internet. These scams promise you good deals, only to rip you off instead.

As it turns out, Cyber Monday 2013 wasn’t the best time for deals on Xbox One and PS4 games. That day was Black Friday, so you’re completely out of luck now, although PC gamers may be happy because of the Steam Autumn sale that’s still ongoing. On average, there have been 229 percent more gaming deals on Thanksgiving than on Cyber Monday. But that’s not to say there won’t be any Xbone or PlayStation 4 games put on sale today, so I’d suggest searching,,, and all your favorites.

According to the National Retail Federation, an estimated 131 million consumers are expected to shop online for Cyber Monday deals, up from 129 million who participated last year. Another 22 percent are expected to use their smartphone and tablet instead of a PC for shopping. Most of the Cyber Monday 2013 shopping will probably have been finished first thing in the morning, but the deals are expected to last until midnight.

Retailers have been slowly changing their marketing strategies, and Cyber Monday really isn’t that big of a deal anymore. In fact, some online only retailers report that traffic volume only increases by one or two percent on Monday in comparison to Black Friday. Matthew Ong, Senior Analyst for NerdWallet, believes retailers who wait for Cyber Monday deals might miss the train:

“Retailers have focused their marketing efforts on Black Friday and pre-Black Friday sales out of the fear that sitting on the sidelines until Cyber Monday means finding consumers who’ve already spent their Christmas budgets a week earlier. The problem is exacerbated this year by how late the holiday retail season kicks off. Retailers want the season to start heating up earlier in November, not later in the month, and Cyber Monday is simply too late this year.”

But it’s possible they may open up the floodgates on Cyber Monday deals a little since Black Friday sales were actually lower than 2012 by several percent. Jay Henderson, strategy director for IBM, agrees:

“We’re expecting to see strong gains as retailers roll out new promotions and make new products available on their websites. Online commerce seems to really be driving this holiday season.”

And some of these online deals have been available since almost the beginning of November.

But Cyber Monday deals aggregator sites like claims roughly 50 percent more clothing and shoe deals today than there were on Thanksgiving or Black Friday. Clothing and shoe retailers will also allow stacking coupons. Some deals include site-wide discounts ranging from 20 to 80 percent off, including free shipping. DealNews also says Cyber Monday 2013 will be the best time all year for tools and hardware purchases.

“Thirty-seven percent of all the tools and hardware deals listed for Cyber Monday in 2012 were marked Editors’ Choice – meaning best of the best — and in fact all the deals for power tools rated this way.”

What Cyber Monday deals will you be hunting for this 2013 holiday season?

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