‘Saints Row 4’ Achievements, Challenges Revealed For New ‘Christmas’ DLC

New Saints Row 4 achievements and challenges have been revealed, teasing missions to come in the upcoming How the Saints Save Christmas DLC. If you’ve played the game and stuck with it despite the glitches, you’ll know just how ridiculous the game can be.

Saints Row 4 is known for its over-the-top departure from previous games in the series. Where the series was once about rival gangs and gaining power, what was once a Grand Theft Auto clone, has gone its own way with a parody of almost everything you’ve ever seen or played. You will fight a giant living soda can, a super powered man in a cat costume called Professor Genki, and even animated toilets. There are parodies on Armageddon, side-scrolling beat-em-ups, and even Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater in this game.

Previous DLC for Saints Row 4 included achievements which involved destroying gimp-driven pony carts and flying a spaceship through the guts of the living soda can mentioned above. Enter the Dominatrix was worth the price of admission for just its weapons, even if you didn’t care for the missions and cut-scenes.

How the Saints Save Christmas will center, as you can imagine, around pulling duties for Santa Claus. Just what those duties are remains to be seen, but these new Saints Row 4 achievements give us an idea of what might be going on:

  • A Saint Gets a Gun – Ring all of the bells in town in “Miracle on 3rd Street.”
  • How Many Licks Does it Take? – Lick the candy cane barricade all the way through in “The Fight Before Christmas.”
  • Get That Kid to a Psychologist – Find all of the snowman vignettes in the North Pole.
  • Dear Santa – Find all of the letters to Santa.
  • A Very Genki Holiday – Complete all instances of “Genki Holiday.”
  • Make a List, Check it Twice – Finish all of the “Naughty and Nice” missions.

There are also some new secret achievements in Saints Row 4 which might be revealed when How the Saints Save Christmas hits on December 11 for $6.99.

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