BCS Standings: Florida State No. 1, Ohio State At No. 2 Leads Auburn On Third

The BCS standings came out Sunday night, and things couldn’t be more exciting. Florida State (FSU) now stands at No.1, with Ohio leading Auburn by a hair.

FSU and Ohio both have are undefeated with a 12-0 record, but FSU has a more substantial lead over the second place than that of Ohio over Auburn, who had a shocking finish in their game against favorite Alabama on Saturday.

Now, Auburn only needs a loss by Ohio to have a chance at the Championship, something that was less likely before this weekend.

Florida banked on the incredible finish that put Auburn ahead of Bama, who had not lost all season, but fell 34-28 in one of the most shocking finishes in College Football history (watch video below).

The three components that make the BCS standings, the USA Today coaches poll, the Harris poll and the BCS computers, all gave the Tigers (11-1) third place in the rankings at a crucial time in the season.

As the BCS standings now shows, Ohio State’s lead is very fragile with 0.9503, compared to Auburn with 0.9233. You do the math.

Next Sunday, when the BCS standings are released, the top two teams will play for the BCS National Championship on January 6 in Pasadena, California.

Ohio will face No.10 Michigan State in the Big Ten title game. Auburn plays in the Southeastern Conference championship game against Missouri (11-1) at No.5 in this week’s BCS rankings.

Meanwhile, Florida State plays in the Atlantic Coast Conference title game against No.20, Duke.

These three games will be key to the final BCS standings and will make or break the teams’ dreams of playing in the championship game.

Even though Alabama fell to No.4, they still have a shot at playing the championship if things go their way and the polls give them points for playing well.

However, Oklahoma State, at No.6, also has dreams of reaching the top two spots in the final BCS standings and is not completely out of the running.

With these tight numbers, next week’s games promise to be full of exciting action, which will determine how the final BCS standings look and who will play in the Championship game.

Who is your favorite team and do they have a chance according to the latest BCS standings?

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