Spencer Pratt Gets Roasted by David Letterman

(And we love it.) Seriously, how easy is it to make fun of somebody like that, especially because his self-esteem is so high and you’d love to take him down a notch or two? The gem of the interview:

Letterman: “What are you doing in your life?”
Pratt: “Working with a 12 year old musician who is better than Jay Z.”
Letterman: “Are you his manager?”
Pratt: “No. I’m his partner.”
Letterman: “No, but seriously, what do you do in life?”


I respect Spencer a tad more than most after he admitted last year that someone appreciates his appearances every-f-ing-where– his grandma! Apparently she loves seeing him plastered on the gossip rags, and I’m all about being nice to your grams. Points for Spencer. Still not enough to make up for the disaster that was basically the rest of his “career,” though.

Do you think he’ll be making more appearances like this after such embarrassment? Why of course!

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