Dyson AM05 Hot + Cool Review

Having to use two devices to cool off and heat up a room can get quite annoying, especially in areas which have seemingly unpredictable weather patterns. The Dyson AM05 Hot + Cool Fan is an attempt to fix that problem by offering a fan which can cool off a room as well as heat it up to a desired temperature.

When trying to heat up a room, the AM05 is easily one of the best space heaters available and on top of that, it is very efficient in terms of power usage. As with Dyson’s previous fans, there are absolutely no blades visible on the AM05, although that does not mean that you can hold it wherever since the inside section of the fan does get hot.

Without any blades to clog it up, the AM05 actually looks nice and is far from being an eyesore in a room. Compared to a regular $50 space heater, the AM05 does perform better but unfortunately, the device can get loud when trying to heat up a room (especially if you are trying to do so in a hurry.)

Since the fan does make a significant amount of noise when turned up to its full velocity, it is hard to watch TV when it is running nearby. However, there are multiple velocity levels (10 to be exact) and if you don’t mind heating up the room slowly, you can turn down the velocity which also decreases the noise made by the AM05.

When kids or pets are running around a traditional space heater, parents can easily get worried as there are numerous ways in which making contact with the heater could create further issues. With the AM05, Dyson focussed on safety in a few ways by positioning the heating elements in an area which is not likely to be touched, burns or injuries are unlikely to occur. On top of that, the fan will also turn off if it is knocked over.

As good as the AM05 may be when it comes to heating (increasing the temperature from 62°F to 68°F only takes around 20 minutes), it is less than amazing when you are trying to cool a room down in the summer.

Unlike when you are trying to heat up a room, Dyson has only built the AM05 to run in one way when setup as a cooling fan. This means that air will always be pushed out of the fan at 32°F and will try to cool down a room as best as it can. There is no way to setup the device to turn on when it gets to hot and as such, the AM05 simply is not a replacement for a regular air conditioner if you are really trying cool down a room.

Despite its lack of functionality as a cooling fan, the Dyson AM05 is a worthwhile purchase just for its heating options. Compared to traditional electric or oil heaters, the AM05 can get relatively loud but outside of noise, there is very little to complain about.

Rating: 8/10

Price: Amazon ($299)

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