Sharon Osbourne Admits To Graham Norton: ‘I Had My Vagina Tightened’

Sharon Osbourne Is very open these days about personal things. So open, in fact, that when she was asked on the Graham Norton Show on Friday about the work she has had done, she admitted she had “a lot.”

When she was asked which of her surgeries hurt the worst, she provided an answer that no one was expecting, least of all the talk show host: “Having my vagina tightened. It was just excruciating,” said Sharon Osbourne to the shock of Graham Norton and the rest of the studio audience.

Now why did Sharon go ahead and admit something like that on TV? When fellow guest Colin Farrell turned to her and asked for more details on the vagina tightening thing, she simply hugged him, saying: “I’ll show you later.”

Apart from the personal details, Sharon also spoke about her long marriage to Ozzy Osbourne and the the problems she had in the marriage with her husband’s constant relapses with alcohol and drugs.

She spoke about when she left Ozzy:.”[It was] the hardest thing I ever had to do … but I knew if I stayed it would have carried on.” She spoke about how, since Ozzy went through rehab, they have reunited as a couple: “He says we’re like bread and butter. We fit together so perfectly, we’re as one. We’re a team.”

What do you think about Sharon Osbourne admitting to Graham Norton that she had her vagina tightened? Do celebrities make a rod for their own backs by admitting such personal details on television?

Sharon Osbourne must be aware that the media will grab onto such information and make sure everybody knows about it. Surely she should have just left it at the fact that she had “a lot” of work done? Share your thoughts on the matter in the comments feed below.

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