Charlie Sheen’s Police Escort Is Under Investigation

When Charlie Sheen took his Torpedo of Truth Tour to Washington D.C. on Tuesday night the former Two and a Half Men star was escorted to the show by several police cars and those officers are now under investigation.

Police escorted Sheen from Northern Virginia’s Dulles Airport to Washington’s DAR Constitution Hall in two marked police cars with their emergency lights flashing and sirens at full blast.

Sheen Tweeted during the escort:

“I’m in car with police escort. Driving like someone’s about to deliver a baby. Cop’s light spinning, which is a play on his #winning,”

With his tweet Sheen posted a picture of the speedometer which clearly read 80 miles per hour.

There was just two problems with the escort, Sheen isn’t a dignitary and officers are not allowed to speed unless engaged in a chase.

In a statement released on Thursday afternoon police said:

“This escort was handled as a reimbursable detail. This means that the government was reimbursed for the services provided. This entire matter is under investigation.”


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