Kim Kardashian Wants To Help You Take The Perfect Selfie [Video]

Kim Kardashian wants everyone to take the best selfie on the planet.

In order to help people from all walks of life become the envy of their Instagram followers, Kanye West’s main squeeze decided to put together a how-to video that covers the finer points of taking the perfect selfie. In other words, she discusses stuff that most people know already. But, hey, at least she’s got your back.

According to MSN, Kim Kardashian stopped short of revealing the subtle nuances of taking the best selfie-butt shot in the comfort of your own home. However, the reality television star did offer up some obvious pointers for those who are late to the game.

Think of Kardashian as the Mr. Miyagi of social media photos. The rest of us are Daniel Larusso trying our best to learn the secrets of the crane technique before the big karate tournament. That’s probably a bad comparison, especially since Miyagi was teaching the poor kid things he didn’t already know.

Extra points out that the first rule involves the height of your camera. If you want to take the best selfie in the history of mankind, then Kim Kardashian recommends keeping your phone a little higher than your head. After all, nobody wants to gaze longingly at your double chin. Thanks, Kim!

The second rule of Selfie Club is to understand the power of the angle. If the right side of your face is a little nastier than the left, then you might want to consider accentuating the positive. According to Kim Kardashian, this is an essential part of making your legion of loyal and mildly obsessive followers swoon with digital delight.

Rule number three: Lighting. In case you were wondering, it really makes all the difference in the world. Although Kim Kardashian doesn’t get into specifics — she’s a busy mother, after all — this handy video should give you a good idea of how light can change the way you look. Watch and learn, selfie masters-in-training.

Although you might want to avoid her suggestion that duckface is the way to go, Kim’s unspoken rule of producing the best selfie is self-deprecation. This gives your followers the opportunity to tell you just how impossibly gorgeous your new photo looks. Everyone likes compliments, so why not go fishing for a few right now?

Check out Kim’s selfie how-to video below.

Are you a fan of reality television veteran Kim Kardashian? Do you plan to use any of her tips the next time you decide to take the world’s best selfie?

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