Demi Lovato Talks About Sacrificing Her Privacy To Help Her Fans

Demi Lovato loves her privacy, but apparently not as much as her elderly neighbors.

The former Disney darling is hard at work promoting her new book Staying Strong: 365 Days a Year, a tell-all that recounts her struggle with substance abuse and an eating disorder. During a brief conversation with E! Online during a signing in Los Angeles, Lovato discussed her desire to keep parts of her life private.

“I’m not the type of person that loves the fame aspect of it. I would rather sacrifice my privacy to help people, not just with my music. Strictly from this point of view, from an inspirational point of view of sharing my story. I know that I have a purpose in the world,” she explained during the interview.

In order to stay on the straight and narrow, Demi Lovao is apparently surrounding herself with an older generation. The singer recently discovered that her Los Angeles residence is also a place where quite a few elderly people call home. In her opinion, these folks are nothing short of absolutely adorable.

“The fire alarm went off and we all had to go outside and it was all older people — like old people. There were walkers and wheelchairs. I loved that. I was like, ‘Oh my God, this is so cute!'” she exclaimed.

The singer continued, “All of the people there are so sweet, especially the valet attendants. It’s so much fun because there’s not, like, young people that are loud and noisy.”

Although she finds these people and their walkers “cute,” she quickly learned the hard way that her neighbors aren’t exactly fans of Eminem. While working out in the building’s gym, she quickly drew the ire of someone who wasn’t particularly thrilled with her choice in music.

Fans of Demi Lovato can learn all sorts of secrets about the singer’s personal life in her new book. The tell-all chronicles the “struggles ranging from addiction to depression, all the while on a search for self-discovery and happiness. Demi has chronicled her journey in the media, in her song lyrics and to her 17 million followers on Twitter.”

“I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to share this book. It is my hope that these affirmations will help readers to remain strong and hopeful, even when that seems impossible,” she said about the book in a recent statement.

Are you a fan Demi Lovato? Do you plan to pick up Staying Strong: 365 Days a Year?

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