Snoop Dogg Celebrates 4/20 With Giant Bowl [Pic]

Snoop Dogg took to Twitter today to post a picture of his giant bowl, the perfect apparatus for smoking up on April 20, more commonly referred to by pot smokers at 4/20 (the police code for marijuana possession).

While Snoop may have been flaunting his love of the leafy green plant, I’m sure if we looked around Hollywood we could find Cheech Marin, Tommy Chong, Dr. Dre and hundreds of other celebrities toking up for this day of stoned delight.

So we have to ask, were you celebrating 4/20 in your own special way. Feel free to drop us a line in our Facebook commenting section below, just don’t check the “Post it to your Facebook wall” option if you’re worried about mom and dad seeing your response.

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