Justin Bieber Has Goosebumps But Isn’t Cold In ‘Believe’ Movie Clip

Justin Bieber’s latest Believe movie teaser has arrived. And with just 25 days left until the feature debuts, Team Bieber clearly think it’s the perfect time to send out some love to the demographic that will be packing theaters from Christmas Day onward — namely, the fans.

And with good reason. Since his Kidrauhl days until now, Beliebers have been a major part of the force that powered the then 12-year-old from YouTube fame to Scooter Braun and Usher’s radar and beyond.

Say the word Beliebers in company and you’ll either be met with blank faces, groans, yelps of joy — and sometimes fear. Apparently millions strong, as Selena Gomez, exotic dancer ‘Diamond and many others have discovered, Bieber’s fans can be a formidable thorn in the side.

But they’re also the people who buy Justin’s records (so far, over 15 million sales), vote for him at industry awards (the latest, “Best Male” at the MTV European Music Awards), pushed every single “Music Mondays” release to No.1 on an iTunes somewhere, and have supported the singer during his most challenging year to date.

And sometimes that connection rises to a whole other level.

The Brisbane Courier-Mail are running a story today about Australian super fan Kate O’Neill. The 19-year-old spent 18 months saving up to buy tickets to every Bieber show Down Under, including her home city Melbourne.

A high-speed car crash totaled those plans. O’Neill suffered four broken ribs, a fractured spine in three places, internal bleeding and lacerations to her kidney and liver. Throughout her painful and continuing recovery, Kate credits Bieber as the fuel helping her through her ordeal.

A Twitter campaign, backed by O’Neill’s friends and family, is attempting to arrange a visit between the Canadian star and Kate, who says, “I want to say to him thank you for helping me get through the most horrible experience of my life.”

In short; Beliebers believe in their idol.

And if daily tweets, Instagrams, countless interviews, hot chocolate, pizza, and photo-ops given to fans at concerts, outside hotels, and elsewhere, haven’t yet convinced cynics of Bieber’s affection for his fans, he spells it out in his latest movie clip.

“My favorite part is literally just the intimate moments with the fans when I’m on that crane and I’m in the crowd with them and I can see each one of their faces,” the teen tells Believe helmer Jon M. Chu.

Recalling fans’ reactions in the acoustic part of his shows, Justin adds “They’re jumping up and down screaming. There’s nothing like that feeling. I have goosebumps right now thinking about it, for real.”

(Photo: Justin Bieber With A Young Belieber In Auckland, New Zealand).

Yes, despite continuing mini-scandals, graffiti rows, the concerning behavior of bodyguards, and incidents of a distinctly adult nature; Beliebers have Bieber’s back.

In his #BeAlright clip, and innumerable times past, the heartthrob returns the compliment.

Update: Bieber, his mother Pattie Mallette, and members of the Believe tour took pictures holding a photograph of Kate O’Neill when her friends attended a Sydney Meet and Greet event.

On Saturday the star posted a message on Twitter which appears to indicate a visit to Kate during his next tour stop in Melbourne is in the works.

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