Lindsay Lohan Continues To Slam Beakup Rumors

Lindsay Lohan has addressed rumors of her breakup with Samantha Ronson, this time on her MySpace. We asked for more info, and we got it. This was characteristically succinct for Linds, but as long as it’s not drunk blogging, we’re happy! Lindsay mentioned the status of her love life earlier today, saying:

“oy vey! rumors..

just to clear this up.. because i have been getting a lot of emails asking me this one question.

samantha ronson and lindsay lohan (me) are NOT breaking up


take care

Drama! At least Lindsay was defending her relationship, because Samantha Ronson was busy talking about “dealing with a car battery that’s dead.” We’ll give Sam a break, because she was all preoccupied with beating the “dipsh*t” she thought was going to try to sell photos of her with her broken down car.

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