VBusiness Expo Is Talking Virtual Worlds

VBusiness Expo is a regular virtual conference dedicated to corporate opportunities in virtual spaces run by Nick Wilson’s Clever Zebra.

The event is entirely hosted within virtual worlds (mostly Second Life), and brings together thought leaders and innovators from across the physical globe to discuss how virtual world technologies are being used in business. Over 170 companies and 511 people attended the first Expo in April, with leading companies such as Sun, IBM, Kelly Services and Gartner speaking on how virtual worlds are changing business.

The next vBusiness Expo is being held July the 29th to August 1st 2008. Attendees can expect to hear from companies “who have experimented in virtual worlds, discover the practical uses and opportunities available to them today, and how to take their first steps into the emergent 3D web.” Interesting content and a serious take on the opportunities virtual worlds provide.

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