Games With Gold: Free Xbox Titles For December Revealed

Games with Gold has always been a great source for Xbox 360 titles. The latest free games on Microsoft’s online service have been revealed, putting Black Friday deals to shame.

Even though the Xbox One might steal some of the Xbox 360’s thunder, Microsoft has made their Gold subscriber rewards a permanent perk. This means that two years from now you will still be able to grab free Xbox 360 games just for being an Xbox Gold member. Previous games released through the deal have included Halo 3 and Assassin’s Creed II, proving that Microsoft isn’t just handing out smaller titles that nobody cares about. In December, they’re doing it again.

Starting on December 1, Microsoft is releasing the original Gears of War as a Games with Gold deal. The game that started the blockbuster series is coming to you free for 15 days next month.

You take the role of Marcus Fenix, a former prisoner and hardened soldier in a third-person shooter which uses the concept of taking cover as a new tactical approach to advance toward the enemy. What made it different from Call of Duty was its use of a chainsaw bayonet attached to an assault rifle, and if you didn’t perform the auto reload correctly, the game punished you by having your onscreen character stop to fix it after it jammed. Gears of War was the top-selling game in 2006, earning it notoriety among the shooter crowd, and enough popularity to spawn two sequels.

The second Games with Gold deal Microsoft is offering starts on December 16 as always. You will be able to grab Shoot Many Robots for free until January.

Shoot Many Robots took the action platformer to a new level by adding customization elements. You start out in your RV as you equip everything from your gun to your pants, everything granting you stat boosts or special abilities. The gameplay itself is mostly linear, but it allows for the missions to be replayed, just in case you feel like you could do it better the second time. It gives you two kinds of stages; survival, and checkpoint.

Survival requires you to take on a wave of robots in order to advance to the next, while the checkpoint levels are more straightforward and allow you to continue from certain points in case you die. Shoot Many Robots took a very different approach to the action platformer genre, and it’s free in the second half of December.

Will you be grabbing Gears of War or Shoot Many Robots in December’s Games with Gold offers on Xbox Live?

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