Frankie Muniz Suffers Second ‘Mini-Stroke’ Almost A Year After First

Frankie Muniz suffered a second mini-stroke Monday, nearly one year after his first scare.

“Almost a year to the day, I experienced another mini stroke,” Muniz wrote on Twitter. “Hopefully that will be the last. Miserable.”

The 27-year-old was hospitalized last November after suffering a transient ischemic attack (TIA), which occurs when blood flow to part of the brain is blocked or reduced, often due to a blood clot. It is often called a mini-stroke because the symptoms are similar to those of an actual stroke, but don’t last as long. However, it is often characterized as a “warning stroke” and about a third of people who suffer from a TIA go on to have a stroke within a year.

“I couldn’t say words,” the former Malcolm in the Middle star said on Good Morning America last year. “I thought I was saying them! My fiancee was looking at me like I was speaking a foreign language.”

Muniz also told People after the first mini-stroke that he felt like he was “getting stabbed in the head — the worst headache you could ever think of.” He also said his vision began to blur, and he “pretty much had no vision” in his right eye.

Muniz, who turns 28 on December 5, said he lives a healthy lifestyle, and that he felt “a lot less invincible” after the episode.

A decade ago, Frankie Muniz was considered “one of Hollywood’s most bankable teens.” In addition to Malcolm in the Middle, the New Jersey native starred in Agent Cody Banks and its sequel and provided the voice of Chester McBadBat on The Fairly Oddparents. Muniz also made cameo appearances on Lizzie McGuire and Arrested Development. He recently appeared on Last Man Standing and Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23.

Muniz joined Kingsfoil as a drummer last year. He became engaged to longtime girlfriend Elycia Marie Turnbow in October 2011.

We here at The Inquisitr wish Frankie Muniz a speedy recovery.

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