Nick Saban’s Wife, Terry, Speaks Out on Texas Longhorns’ Rumor

Will Nick Saban leave Alabama for the Texas Longhorns? It’s a question that has been floating around the collegiate football world since the BCS Championship back in January. While Saban has slammed the rumors himself, they just won’t stop floating. Now, his wife, Terry Saban, is weighing in on the claims.

In a recent interview with Sharon Terlep of The Wall Street Journal, she was questioned about their future in Tuscaloosa after more rumors started floating about her house hunting in Texas. She quickly refuted the claims, saying they were ‘rumors with absolutely no foundation.’ “We’re staying,” she went on to say. “We’re not going anywhere.” So, if ‘Tide fans needed reassurance, now they have it.

But, some folks may be wondering how all of this actually came about. For those who haven’t been following this year-long debacle, here’s how it all started.

The story in the media was that Texas officials attempted to contact Saban’s agent, Jimmy Sexton. It was also rumored that the Longhorns were willing to put a very attractive deal on the table in an effort to peak Saban’s interest.

In other words, a bidding war would be the result had the rumors been true. If this claim was accurate, it would also mean the Longhorns would be willing to top Saban’s current salary of $5.6M a year. Pretty steep, right?

However, speculation began to mount again at the beginning of the football season when the Texas Longhorns opened with a not-so-pleasant record during the first few weeks of the season. By the end of week three, the Longhorns were 1-2, and head coach Mack Brown was definitely treading on troubled water.

This caused the rumors to stir yet again. Saban took to his radio show to address the rumors, but obviously that wasn’t enough. Now, with his wife’s elucidation, maybe the rumors will wane. According to the Wall Street Journal, Terry Saban has been labeled as a “behind the scenes negotiator.”

A number of sources claim that Terry Saban definitely has a credible influence on decisions involving her husband’s business affairs and contracts. Crimson Tide wide receiver Chris Black also jokingly gave his sentiments on Miss Terry. “She kind of wears the pants,” quipped Black. The ‘Tide is currently undefeated this season with an 11-0 record.

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