Neo Geo MVS Arcade System Handcrafted From Walnut

The Neo Geo MVS arcade system hasn’t been around for more than a decade but that hasn’t stopped the team at Analogue Interactive from digging the unit up and creating a handcrafted console version made from Walnut.

Forged from 100 percent real Walnut, the system offers a seamless design without any visible screws, while the audio/video and other outputs are featured as they were on the original system. Analogue Interactive has even thrown in some dust flaps for good measure.

The cost of $649 may seem ridiculous, but when you consider that you’re getting a handcraft system for the same price the original Neo Geo AES system was offered for many years ago, it doesn’t seem all that bad.

The first units will begin shipping early next month.

On a final note; This has to be the first gaming system that could be destroyed by termites.

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