‘Breaking Bad’ Blu-Ray Special Edition Includes New Two-Hour Documentary

The Breaking Bad Blu-ray/DVD comes out today and included in the special features is a new two-hour documentary of the hit series.

Two months after the insanely popular AMC series finale, we are still talking about spin-offs, alternate endings, and everything in between. People can’t let go of this show.

The Breaking Bad Special Edition boxed set includes a replica of the money barrel, a challenge coin designed by Vince Gilligan, and a Los Pollos Hermanos apron.

However, the most interesting thing in the new Blu-ray is a two-hour documentary of the making of the final season titled: No Half Measures: Creating The Final Season.

The Breaking Bad behind-the-scenes short includes a detailed look at what went into making one of the most critically acclaimed series in recent memory.

Brian Lowry of Variety says of the hit show:

“Inasmuch as the AMC drama will be taught in television classes for years to come, consider this an early round of homework for the academic set, as well as an opportunity to see the cast and crew bid their tearful farewells.”

The extras feature cast interviews in which the stars of Breaking Bad share what it was like to go from the series’ humble beginning, when ratings were not that great, to being one of the most watched TV shows in history.

The friendships formed between cast and crew are real and the way in which the characters became ingrained into their collective consciousness as it did with viewers is also real.

One of the highlights are watching Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, in an emotional show of how much Breaking Bad meant to them, read the script together.

Breaking Bad’s No Half Measures: Creating The Final Season covers every aspect of the production, not only the cast, which we saw on screen every week, but that of producers, writers, and even Sony Entertainment’s CEO Michael Lynton, who has a shocking confession.

“That is the craziest and worst idea for a television show I have ever heard,” basically telling TV programming co-presidents Jamie Erlicht and Zack Van Amburg that if they wanted to proceed, “hey, it’s your careers,” after being presented with the script for the first time.

Breaking Bad told the story of a chemistry professor who is diagnosed with terminal cancer and starts cooking meth in order to provide for his family. Crazy!

For a serious a subject as the series covered, Bryan Cranston is seen having on heck of a good time as they worked through all the drama. Aaron Paul says he “behaves very immaturely on set.”

Watch a clip from the Breaking Bad’s No Half Measures: Creating The Final Season documentary:

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