So, there’s a Moleskine app for iPhone and iPad…

I’m not quite sure how to feel about this one.

On one hand, it’s a cool idea to flesh out the ubiquitous designer/writer standard issue Moleskine out for technophilic traditionalist who use the devices. On the other, Moleskines really are one of those things that are pretty much all about esthetics- page texture, the sleek binding, that snappy little elastic band to hold in papers, pictures and old tickets. Can it really be translated to a tiny, glowing screen? (I say this as someone who has entirely forsaken paper books and gleefully anticipates their obsolescence- I hold no particular affection for the printed page, the smell of books, their “warmth” or any similar bollocks.)

Alas, I was unable to find out directly. The app won’t even talk to my iPhone, and wouldn’t download to my iPad either. Maybe it’s just me, but it could be buggy. MSNBC was a bit more successful in getting the Moleskine app to run, and describes it thusly:

The app is slightly more elaborate than a notebook, but it still mimics the general feel of a traditional Moleskine as well as an app can. Users can select a notebook paper style — plain, ruled, or squared — as well as one of several note taking tools. There are ways to add images, edit text, sketch basic things, organize thoughts, geo-tag items, and share notes via email or social networks.

Some aspects of the app seem to make it crash, users report, but overall, the Moleskine app is probably more fun to use for everyday note taking than the iPhone Notes app that comes standard. Have you successfully test driven the Moleskine app? Is it an interesting version of an old classic or kind of silly?


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