Batkid Has His Own Trailer: Will it Become a Movie?

If you haven’t heard of ‘Batkid’, you’ll definitely be hearing about him soon! An adorable, yet voracious, 5-year-old by the name of Miles Scott is the face behind the new ‘Batkid’ superhero, and he is gradually making his way to the big screen. If his new trailer has anything to do with the future of his “acting career,’ he’s well on his way. Now, before we move forward, you have to know, upfront, that his trailer isn’t like the adorable, candid home videos most parents post on YouTube of their kids in action around the house.

His story is quite different. But there’s a reason. Little Miles isn’t just a fantasy super-hero. He’s one in reality as well. When he wasn’t ‘protecting the streets of ‘Gotham City,’ he was battling leukemia. Transforming into ‘Batkid’ to save his city was actually his dream for the Make-a-Wish Foundation, and the city of San Francisco brought his fantasy to fruition

According to MSN, the Make-a-Wish foundation took a rare approach in making the little boy’s dream come true by enlisting the help of the public. The event, which took place Nov. 15, cost the city of San Francisco approximately $105,000. The event gained so much notoriety, even President Obama took a moment to congratulate ‘Batkid’ on his laudable feat.

Even though it all happened over a week ago, it looks like it’s still not over. Now, a ‘Batkid’ trailer has emerged online, and it’s slowly going viral. The unofficial video entitled, “The Batkid Rises,” hit YouTube a couple days ago and is deftly making it’s way around the Internet. While the concept was simply intended to be a brief parody of, “The Dark Knight Rises,” it’s becoming one of those ‘big ideas.’ Immediately, the idea definitely had people speculating and rumors flying. “Batkid” is being coined as the perfect concept for a ‘Blockbuster movie.

Only time will tell whether ‘Batkid’ makes it to the big screen, but if the trailer and talk are anything to go by, ‘Batkid’ maybe going to theaters everywhere in the years to come!

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