Kyra Sedgwick Passes The Torch To Daughter Sosie Bacon

Kyra Sedgwick is ready to pass the torch to her daughter.

Kyra and her husband Kevin Bacon saw their daughter Sosie Bacon chosen this week to serve as Miss Golden Globe 2014, a big honor for an actress rising past the shadow of her parents and developing a promising career of her own.

The role of Miss Golden Globe, which is selected carefully each year by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, is a coveted one reserved for young actresses nearing a breakthrough. The daughter of a celebrity is typically chosen, as was the case last year when Clint Eastwood’s daughter Francesca was picked.

“As a young actress who is just beginning my career, it is truly an honor to be a part of such a special night in film and television,” said Sosie Bacon in a statement.

Sosie Bacon is still building up her acting resume. She has one movie appearance in 2005’s Loverboy, and appeared in four episodes of The Closer with mom Kyra Sedgwick. But she has since studied acting at Brown University and with the musical theater company CAP21.

Sosie’s path may lead her to the stage rather than the big screen. Last year she appeared in Fiction in Photography, and off-Broadway musical by Dan Mills and Randy Redd.

Though she grew up with two Hollywood veterans, Sosie Bacon said she wasn’t all that familiar with her father’s work.

“I don’t really watch their movies that much. I haven’t seen Footloose all the way through,” Sosie noted. “I’ve watched like moments of it on TV and stuff… Apollo 13, never saw it.”

Sosie’s career is rising just as mother Kyra Sedgwick takes a step back from the rigors of acting. After spending seven seasons on the hit TNT show The Closer, the show came to a conclusion last year.

Kyra said she was looking forward to taking a bit of time to relax.

“When I agreed to do the show, it was very much apparent even in the pilot, that she’d be a real person people could relate to,” Sedgwick said of her role. “And real people have a lot of self doubt and real people are strong and vulnerable. Her contradictions are what made her so interesting and what made her so real. And I think that people like to see themselves reflected, especially on television.”

Now Kyra Sedwick will get a chance to see herself reflected in her daughter’s work as well.

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