Mayor Bloomberg declares April 16th ‘Foursquare Day’ in NYC

Mayor Mike Bloomberg has extended an official honor to everyone’s favorite location aware mobile game Foursquare, declaring April 16th “Foursquare Day” in Gotham.

Bloomberg explains the date for the unmathematically inclined, saying “4/16, the fourth sixteenth of the year—is Foursquare Day in New York City and around the world.” I was not aware Hizzoner was the boss of around the world, but that’s what the announcement says. Bloomie also points out the local connection, and how the now globally-popular site was conceived in a probably overpriced table in a probably overpriced apartment in the East Village just a few short years ago.

In a post on their blog, Foursquare adds:

The Mayor was excited because foursquare is a fast-growing business sprung from his city, and there are over 7,500 other local New York businesses (and a quarter million globally) finding new customers every day on foursquare. We were pumped to give him a foursquare hoodie and foursquare day shirt.

In his signoff on the Declaration, Bloomberg also admits that he’s only the “aspiring” mayor of City Hall in Manhattan- that honor goes to Scott S., who has over 30 check-ins. No information was revealed officially about a badge for the day, but in the comments, it was mentioned shouting “Happy Foursquare Day” on the 16th will earn you one.

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